Our lambs are "Turcana alba" ("White Tsurcana") breed.

The Tsurcana may have descended from the wild Ovis vignei arkar. Since prehistoric times it has been domesticated in the Carpathians Mountains where it was established as a breed. It spread with the movement of flocks through the Alpine grazing areas to all Central European countries.

The Tsurcana and its varieties are widely spread over Romania. Known as Valachian Zeckel it can also be found in southern Ukraine, Moldavia (Tuska), Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hertzegovina, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The greatest density of population, over six million, are found in Romania, mostly in mountainous regions.

There are three varieties: white, grey and black.

The white Tsurcana is the most numerous and highly selected, presenting specific ecotypes for the breeding areas Sibiu-Alba, Hunedoara, Bistrita.
It is a dual-purpose breed raised for milk, meat and wool production.

Newborn lambs weigh 3-4 kg and then their weight increases as follows: 9-10 kg (30 days old lambs), 20-25 kg (90 days old lambs), 30 kg (150 days old lambs).

Suckling lambs with supplemental feeding from the age of ten days reach 15-17 kg at 45 days, gaining 150-275 g daily. If best conditions are provided, weaned lambs at 2.5-3 months and fattened intensively reach 40-47 kg at the age of 7 months.

We are trading suckling lambs from late February untill late May.