Our calves livestock are Baltata Romaneasca breed.
Since 1860, the Baltata Romaneasca, also known as "Romanian Spotted Cattle", breed has been formed as the result of a long crossing between the Grey Romanian Cattle native breed cows with Simmental bulls imported from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The historical provinces that offered the best breeding conditions were: Banat, Transylvania and Bucovina.
Nowadays the Romanian Spotted Cattle is the most numerous breed in Romania.

The romanian Spotted Cattle is a multipurpose breed but all individuals exhibit remarkable qualities for meat production.
Romanian Spotted Cattle is good for intensive fattening; their medium daily gain is 900-1300 g, so that some young bulls reach 500 kg at the age of one year.

Their meat has very good edible and technological qualities (colour: 0.18-0.24 Lange units, excellent taste, fine fibre- 54 Ám, good water retention ability -5.6-7.5%, is juicy, tender-flavoured, consistent, marmorean and crisp qualities highly appreciated). The body weight - wholesale cuts ratio for fattened animals are 54-60%. Feed conversion: 6.5-7 feed units. Intensively fattened young cattle reach the following average weight: 12 months-360 kg, 14 months-430 kg, and at 16 months-480 kg.